Monday, July 28, 2008

Definition of Terms


1. Boy Code – Boys displaying macho behaviours, rebelling against anything detected as feminine.

2. Coddling – Asserted as something feminine. Showing an abundance of affection in a context where affection is not normally shown.

3. Culture – A specific social construction based on location, government, etc.

4. Feminine – A social perspective of how a female ought to be.

5. Feminization – “A process in which the number of women in an occupation increases until the occupation switches from being predominantly male to predominantly female” (Addi-Raccah, 2002, p. 231).

6. Gender – The social construction of physical and mental attitudes of a male or female.

7. Hegemony – A cultural belief of how something ought to be.

8. Laddish – The idea of boys being boys. Acting out in order to promote a strong masculine image.

9. Masculine – A social perspective of how a male ought to be.

10. Stereotype – A preconceived idea of what a person will do or should do. Ie. Some boys are good at math, thus, each one should be.

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